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Consumer Publications

As Europe’s leading aviation media enterprise, Key Publishing Ltd is home to the largest and most comprehensive consumer aviation portfolio anywhere.

Our global sales are in excess of £5 million RSV. Key Publishing supports its consumer publication portfolio on an international basis through both on-product and retail promotions.

Supplements and posters, which provide our readers with even more facts, analysis and pictures, are bagged or banded on all international copies and all ‘one-shot’ special issues are distributed globally.

Aeroplane Collector's Archive

Aeroplane Collectors’ Archive is a series of bookazines produced by a dedicated team of enthusiasts focusing on groups of aircraft from the history of aviation in a particularly close-up fashion. Featuring archive images alongside period cutaway diagrams, the intention is to take reader ‘inside’ the aircraft in the most literal sense.

Highly detailed, annotated double-page cutaway drawings by artists who studied the different aircraft on production lines expose every facet and function of the aeroplanes’ anatomy, providing a complete and comprehensive understanding of the inner workings and layout. These line drawings are accompanied by a selection of images from Aeroplane’s extensive archive, carefully chosen to highlight external and internal details not visible on smaller prints.

Accompanying text charts the design and evolution of all aircraft featured along with their specifications, variants and a brief history of their flying careers. Titles currently range from early flying-boats to World War II bombers and fighters and early post-war British airliners, exploring the variety of winged wonders that rolled off British production lines.

The unique and hugely in-depth coverage of aircraft from the outside in will appeal to all aviation enthusiasts as well as readers who simply enjoy discovering how things work!

Aeroplane Icons

Aeroplane ICONS is a series of bookazines telling the stories of iconic aircraft. Taking an in-depth look at a selection of Britain’s most worthy and pioneering aircraft from the 1930s to the 1960s, each issue focuses exclusively on a single aircraft type, charting its design, production, flight-testing, variants and ensuing career. Military exploits and daring escapades are thrillingly recalled with pilot recollections and historical records, while testimonies from designers and engineers detail the efforts required to get their creations airborne.

Each ICONS title features original and sometimes never-before-published material from Aeroplane’s extensive archive of stunning period photography. Additionally, reprints of articles from Flight and Aeroplane magazines offer a truly enlightening historical view of the aviation industry and its importance to Britain, particularly during the wartime and post-war era.

Coupled with contemporary ‘where are they now’ features and photography, the life of each ICON is brought to up to date and remaining ‘survivors’ are often noted along with their final locations, should the reader wish to explore further.

Highlighting some of the great aircraft, such as the Blenheim, Sunderland and Lightning, this series is the perfect read for aviation enthusiasts looking to explore the in-depth history behind these iconic aeroplanes.

Aeroplane Monthly

History in the Air

Aeroplane traces its lineage back to the weekly The Aeroplane launched in June 1911, and is still continuing to provide the best aviation coverage around. Aeroplane magazine is dedicated to offering the most in-depth and entertaining read on all historical aircraft.

AIR International

For the best in modern military and commercial aviation

AIR International Magazine has, over the years, established a reputation for authoritative reporting. The award-winning editorial team regularly visits trade shows, major manufacturers and operators to keep readers abreast of all the latest military and commercial industry news. The most renowned writers in the aerospace world provide technical assessments, including unique cutaway illustrations.

Airfix Model World

The new monthly for ALL scale modellers!

Airfix Model World magazine is your complete guide to the world of scale modelling, making it essential reading for modellers with all levels of experience

AirForces Monthly

The world’s number one military aviation magazine

AirForces Monthly Magazine is devoted to modern military aircraft and their air arms. Providing unrivalled news coverage – often exclusively – the editorial covers all aspects of military aviation, region by region, offering readers features on the strengths of the world’s air forces, their conflicts, weaponry and exercises.

Airliner World

The Global Airline Scene

Airliner World is the UK’s biggest selling monthly civil aviation magazine. It has a worldwide following comprising both industry readers and civil aviation enthusiasts. Comprehensive news and reporting cover all aspects of airlines, their aircraft and airports around the globe. Illustrated throughout with superb colour photography, Airliner World also provides the latest on aircraft deliveries, colour schemes and preservation news as well as reviews of books, prints, models and DVDs.

Airports of the World

Today's Gateways to the World

Airports of the World is a bi-monthly magazine providing the enthusiast with news and features on the global airport scene. Reporting on airports large and small around the world, it includes articles on both major city hubs and smaller regional airports to leisure and low cost airports. Topics covered include current operations, airline operators and future plans.

Avião & Piloto

A revista por pilotos para pilotos

Avião e Piloto é o novo lançamento para o sector da aviação geral e desportiva para o mercado brasileiro. Publicada bimestralmente, Avião & Piloto é a primeira e única revista de estilo de vida no Brasil para todos os interessados na aviação geral e desportiva, dos amantes da aviação até aqueles que estão nas suas primeiras lições de voo; dos que alugam ou compartilham seus aviões, até os proprietários de aeronaves; dos pilotos de ultraleves até aqueles que estão tirando sua carteira de pilotos de linha aérea.

Aviao Revue Brasil

A revista brasileira líder em aviação

A cada mês, você tem o que de melhor acontece atualmente no setor aeronáutico e na aviação brasileira e mundial.

Aviation News

The Past, Present and Future of Flight

As Britain’s longest established monthly aviation journal, Aviation News is renowned for providing the best coverage of every branch of aviation. Now incorporating Classic Aircraft magazine, each issue features the latest news and in-depth features, plus firsthand accounts from pilots putting you in the cockpit. Covering both modern military and civil aircraft, as well as classic types from yesteryear, it features subjects from World War Two, through the Cold War years to present day. Aviation News brings you the past, present and future of flight.

Avion & Piloto

La revista por pilotos para pilotos

Avion & Piloto te devolverá la ilusión por el vuelo, por conocer más, por aprender, por compartir tu afición. Avion & Piloto es la revista hecha por pilotos y para pilotos. Con100 páginas de contenidos exclusivos y apasionantes, impresionantes fotografías y esmerado diseño, no te la puedes perder.

Avion Revue Internacional, España

La revista de aviación líder en castellano

Desde la creación de Avion Revue en 1982, la revista ha reflejado cada aspecto de la aviación, desde la aviación comercial a la militar, pasando por el sector aeroespacial, la historia, la técnica y la aviación ejecutiva. Mes tras mes, Avion Revue cubre todas las novedades y noticias destacadas del mundo de la aviación tanto nacional como internacional, desde su posición de líder en los mercados español y latinoamericano.

Avion Revue Internacional, Latino America

La revista líder en América Latina

Desde la creación de Avion Revue en 1982, la revista ha reflejado cada aspecto de la aviación, desde la aviación comercial a la militar, pasando por el sector aeroespacial, la historia, la técnica y la aviación ejecutiva. Mes tras mes, Avion Revue cubre todas las novedades y noticias destacadas del mundo de la aviación tanto nacional como internacional, desde su posición de líder en los mercados español y latinoamericano.

Bowls International

The world’s number one bowling magazine

Bowls International is the world's number one bowls magazine. It provides club bowlers of all levels and abilities with an ideal monthly blend of diverting, informative and instructional articles, supported by the latest news and views from some of the sport's biggest and most influential names.

Britain at War

A History of Conflict

As the UK’s best selling military history magazine, Britain At War Magazine covers British involvement in conflicts from the beginning of the 20th century through to today. Each issue is packed with news and features about Britain’s wartime history.


The World's Biggest Selling Buses Magazine

BUSES — first published in 1949 — is the longest established, highest circulation and most widely read magazine covering the bus and coach industry in the UK and beyond.

It is written and read with passion by people who care about the future of bus and coach travel, reaching an audience that extends from senior industry professionals to lifelong enthusiasts.

It reports and analyses the latest developments — including company takeovers, new vehicle launches, route developments, infrastructure investments, key personnel changes — as they occur, setting them in a proper historical perspective in an authoritative, readable and entertaining format. It also offers the most comprehensive photographic coverage in the world of buses and coaches.

Regular columns offer informed comment from experienced transport professionals, as well as a consumer’s view of the standards of service that transport operators offer to the paying public.

Its readers’ letters forum offers professionals a unique insight into how informed outsiders view the industry, while the 20-page Fleet News section — packed with over 18,000 words of detailed information — provides unmatched market intelligence of the vehicles passing in and out of small and large bus and coach fleets throughout the British Isles.

Classic Land Rover

Buying, driving, modifying and restoring authentic classic Land Rovers

Classic Land Rover is an exciting new monthly magazine dedicated to Series and the classic Land Rovers. Written by enthusiasts, it is the complete guide to buying, owning, running, driving, repairing, modifying and restoring pre-nineties Land Rovers and Range Rover classics. In fact, everything authentic series owners have been waiting for from their first completely devoted magazine. Put simply, Classic Land Rover has no bling, just leafers and early coilers!

Classic Military Vehicles

The UK’s best-selling historic military vehicle magazine

Classic Military Vehicles is the best-selling publication in the UK dedicated to the coverage of all historic military vehicles. From the turn of the 20th century, when warfare started to become increasingly mechanised, right up to the Gulf War of the 1990s, all kinds of military hardware that featured in conflicts worldwide, are profiled extensively in each monthly issue.

Combat Aircraft Monthly

America’s best-selling military aviation magazine

With in-depth editorial coverage alongside the finest imagery from the world’s foremost aviation photographers, Combat Aircraft Monthly is North America’s Best-selling Military Aviation Magazine. With thought-provoking opinion pieces, detailed information and rare archive imagery, Combat Aircraft is your one-stop-source of military aviation news and features from across the globe.


At the heart of aviation heritage

FlyPast is Britain's biggest selling monthly aviation magazine, and is internationally renowned for its comprehensive coverage of historic aircraft and flying heritage.

Each month, FlyPast brings you the latest from the warbird preservation movement, as well as documenting wartime experiences, squadron histories and personal testimonies from those who flew in World War One (WW1), World War Two (WW2) and the Cold War. As well as a comprehensive news section, FlyPast takes an in-depth look at such types as the Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane and Avro Lancaster, as well as similarly iconic US machines like the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and North American P-51 Mustang. Our coverage is backed up by stunning air-to-air photography by the best in the business, with recent exclusives including the last airworthy Avro Vulcan and a recently restored de Havilland Mosquito.

Including nostalgic reflections on various RAF units, visits to aviation-themed museums around the world, and reports from airshows (including those at Duxford and overseas), FlyPast is an essential read for any historic aviation enthusiast. With future issues set to commemorate important anniversaries (such as the centenary of the Great War and 70 years since D-Day), the magazine incorporates up-to-the-minute coverage of events both recent and long distant.

Hornby Magazine

Britain's Fastest Growing Model Railway Magazine

Hornby Magazine takes a unique approach to model railways with both the relatively inexperienced and the seasoned modeller in mind. Unique step-by-step guides offer modellers hints and tips on how to get the most from the hobby. The very best photography and all the very latest news inspire and inform modellers of all abilities. Hornby Magazine is dedicated to promoting this most rewarding of hobbies, introducing it to newcomers and those returning to the hobby. It is written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts - the editorial and publishing team are all active modellers who care passionately about the hobby.


The best in vintage and classic jet aircraft.

JETS is a fresh and feature-packed publication that focuses on our civil aviation heritage from the 1950s onwards, reflecting the birth of jet-engined aircraft and their subsequent dominance of our skies. Aside from iconic civil types such as Concorde, the magazine also looks at memorable military jets such as the Harrier and Hurricane.

Modern Locomotives Illustrated

The One and Only Modern Traction Partwork

Modern Locomotives Illustrated is the unique bi-monthly modern traction magazine dedicated to recording the development and operation of the UK diesel and electric fleets.

Published bi-monthly, each issue of Modern Locomotives Illustrated focuses on a specific class of locomotive or multiple unit that have helped shape Britain’s railways. Over a ten year period Modern Locomotives Illustrated will build up into the definitive reference work for the modern rail enthusiast.

Edited by leading railway journalist Colin J Marsden, top quality pictures, unrivaled editorial text and rare archive documents combine to make Modern Locomotives Illustrated the leading UK historical modern traction magazine available.

Modern Railways

News, Views and Analysis on Today's Railway

Established for 50 years, Modern Railways has earned its reputation in the industry as a highly respected railway journal. Providing in-depth coverage of all aspects of the industry, from traction and rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure management, Modern Railways carries the latest news alongside detailed analysis, making it essential reading for industry professionals and railway enthusiasts alike.

One Shots and Bookazines

Special Publications from Key Publishing

Key has established an enviable reputation in the delivery and success of one-shot special publications, both for contracted clients and as an added offering to the enthusiast base. We are proud to include among our current partners Britain’s RAF, for whom we produced a special 90th anniversary celebration magazine in 2008. We also publish the service’s Official Annual Review for the global consumer market.

PC Pilot

The World's Favourite Flight Simulation Magazine

PC Pilot is Europe’s only English-language magazine dedicated solely to computer flight simulation. Each issue includes a free CD ROM, reviews of the latest simulation software, new stand-alone programmes or add-on aircraft, plus scenery and utility software for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series and other commercial simulations. It also includes assessments of flight control hardware and articles dealing with technical PC issues aimed at both the beginner and the more experienced simulation flyer.

Railways Illustrated

The best coverage of today's railway scene

With comprehensive news, detailed features and high-quality photography inside every issue, Railways Illustrated is the magazine for railway enthusiasts. Whether your interest lies in the latest modern-day technology or more traditional steam operations, Railways Illustrated offers the best coverage of every aspect of the railway scene.

Steam Days

Steam Nostalgia and Railway History at its best

Wherever you live in the British Isles, Steam Days offers nationwide coverage of 'The Days of Steam'. You can be assured of interesting and informative reading in each issue, enhanced with top-quality pictures in colour and black & white and printed to a very high standard.

The War Archives

Bring the War to Life

The War Archives bring conflict to life through rare archive photographs and contemporary drawings. Each bi-monthly issue focuses on a different aspect of the War, offering fascinating insight and untold stories from the front-line.

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