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RAF Specials - RAF Publications from Key Publishing

Since publishing the first Official Royal Air Force Annual Review special magazine in 2009, Key Publishing has continued working closely with the RAF, producing an expanding series of high quality, exclusive titles.

The tradition begun in 2009 has continued with the annual Review magazine, which appears towards the end of the year prior to its cover date and carries in-depth features on RAF operations from the previous year. The 2017 edition will be available from 24 November.

Key’s co-operation with one of the world’s premier air arms has also resulted in the annual Salute special, focusing each year on an aspect of the RAF’s rich heritage. The 2016 edition examines 100 years of UK air defence, following the series format as it examines air warfare through history, comparing and contrasting with the work of today’s frontline Typhoon squadrons.

The success and wide-ranging appeal of Key’s ‘RAF specials’ led the publisher and Royal Air Force into discussions examining further possibilities for exclusive projects, the first of which recently hit the shelves. Royal Air Force Squadrons presents a detailed examination of all the service’s current flying squadrons as it nears its centenary.

More new titles are planned as the Royal Air Force continues to expand the depth of support and access it grants Key’s dedicated RAF editor. Alongside Review and Salute, these very special magazines will continue satisfying the demands of the discerning enthusiast, serving personnel and industry leaders for quality, timely and exclusive RAF information.
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